Long Over-Do Update - August 28th

We have come so far since April even with numerous roadblocks, hiccups, headaches, and runarounds we've encountered. Although it may not seem like much, we have put so much of our blood, sweat and some tears into this place over the summer. We ran into numerous delays, a frustrating amount of hoops, through this hellacious summer we've endured with no air conditioning, no electricity, no water. It has been a journey but we're not done yet! We've still got a lot of work to do. 

As of right now, we do not have an estimated reopening date, our hopes are for late 2019. 

Here are some missed updates from the past few months. 

July 2nd - July 10th

The skate floor was destroyed beyond repair and needed to be completely removed. 

Removing the skate wall

June 16th

We know there is a lot of confusion about what Skateland West will become when we reopen. For starters we will no longer be ‘Skateland West,’ when our doors reopen this winter you’ll visit a whole new facility dubbed, ‘XPerience Entertainment.’ What will XP have?

- 8 lanes of state-of-the-art bowling technology, see video below for a teaser! 
- A large, modern arcade with a game card system. 
- A one of a kind, highly immersive laser tag arena. 
- A full restaurant with a bar.

And this is just the beginning, we plan to add more attractions as we grow and build a center that is a regional entertainment destination.


June 4th - June 14th

The roof is beginning to be replaced! Yay!

The newly exposed ceiling is painted.

We began demo inside the bathrooms.

April 24th

“One step closer to fulfilling my initial vision from when I first started my company; experiential and immersive entertainment should be something everyone has a chance to enjoy! More to come soon!”

April 18th

“We’re up to something BIG! As we continue to work on reconstruction from the fire, we’ll be making some significant changes and adding new attractions! Is it July yet?”

April 7th