April 6

As the damages have been more thoroughly assessed the fire caused excessively more damage than we first anticipated. The warehouse where the fire burned housed both our main electrical and plumbing causing the building to be completely in the dark. As generators and heaters were brought in to begin the long progress of cleaning and restoring the building. The smoke-ravaged the entire building with damages, clinging to any fabric it could find, and pouring soot across every surface ceiling to the carpet. 

Although we are striving to see the silver lining out of all of this and our building is getting a well deserved deep clean - 40 years is a long time! We will continue to post pictures as the process continues. Below are some from the beginning when we first began seeing the damages from one end of the building to the next to the beginning of the clean-up process.

We appreciate all of the support the community has shown us through this and for the following months to come. 

March 31 at 9:05am

"I am beyond overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of people who have reached out these past few days to check on me, offer support and be there whatever the time. We suffered what is now clear, a catastrophic fire, I was in the property at the time and fortunate to escape without issue.

As I said in our first public comments directly after the event the response from the Westland Professional Fire Fighters, our city administration - from Mayor William R. Wild and down, have been nothing but professional and done with the utmost class and sympathy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

We’ll have more information in the coming days, but this now looks to be a months-long cleanup, rebuild and repair process. We remain determined, and will come back stronger and better than ever."

Added 4 new photos — at Skateland West.

March 29 at 3:54am

At roughly 1:10am this morning we experienced a fire in our storage/workshop and warehouse space. Two of our team members were inside the building working at the time and were able to contact the fire department immediately, and the fire was contained to that area, not causing fire damage to the public skating spaces, though smoke damage is throughout the center.

First and most importantly, we want to thank the Westland Fire and Police Department for their swift response, and actions in containing the fire.

We’ll be back to the property in a few short hours to assess the damage and make a determination on operations for this weekend. If you have a birthday party or event we’ll be in touch by midday to provide a decision.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this nightmare and continue to move Skateland forward.